How many more? How many more innocent humans have to die for people to get that our own government is under this? The system finds a person that is an easy target to blame and pours out the lies to the media for us to believe it. How is it possible that one or two people were able to construct this massive destructive plan? It had to be set up by a group of experts that made sure no one became aware of these signs. Why is that every time a catastrophe event occurs, a suspect is quickly convicted to cover up the ones who were setting up the tragedy behind the scenes? This is all staged. These events are false flags to trick the public and instill fear in them so they feel powerless that when they turn to the government for help, the government will take away our rights and destroy the population. Don’t you guys get it? Our government is the enemy, NOT North Korea or terrorists. WAKE UP! We are heading to a spiritual war of good vs. evil, and WW3 is heading very soon. I’m telling you, don’t dismiss this as “conspiracy theory” because it’s all true and happening right now. Unless you wanna just stay brainwashed while the world is crashing, then go ahead. But I’m not gonna sit here and wish for all these bad things to go away. I’m here to fight and spread the truth. I am here to wake up people because we have to be prepared for this war. No more “Oh no, did you see the news? That’s terrible.” NO, we the people have to fight for our freedom. We have to come together and take back our humanity. Remember, our own government doesn’t care about us. They’ve been planning this for a long time, for NWO. Well, you know what? It’s time we stand up and fight back! We are powerful! We are more in number than them! WE ARE ALL ONE.

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